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My Role:

Art Director




Mandy Stevens, Creative Director & Copywriter


Principia Analytics is a data-driven company that optimizes marketing and digital strategies. They needed a campaign to showcase their award-winning technology, CausedCommerce, and increase awareness about the incremental sales solutions it can provide to mid-sized brands and agencies.

The Challenge

There are several companies that use Google Analytics to track media. We needed to pinpoint what made CausedCommerce different and relay that effectively through 2 static and animated campaigns to A/B test.

The Concepts

Drawing inspiration from Principia's website and previous projects, our copywriter, Mandy, and I sifted through various concepts and distilled our choices to two options—Playbook and Directions—to present to the client.

Concept 1: Playbook

Principia offers the playbook for maximizing media spend. Their tools identify top-performing media for increased profits.

Concept 2: Direction

Think of Principia as your media mix navigator, lighting the way for increased sales and bottom lines for brands and agencies.

The Outcome


A Directions


A Directions

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